Panama has spectacular and beautiful settings that offer a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy, but sport fishing is one of the main attractions.

With a diversity of species that awakens the emotions of any fisherman, Panama is one of the few countries that has extensive coasts in both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Our seas enjoy an incredible biodiversity, with large species of billfish and pelagics that are found regularly throughout the year in our waters.

The side of the Pacific holds 3 of the major island of Panama: Coiba, Isla del Rey and Cebaco island but also Montijo, Parita and Panama Gulf.

The main areas for offshore sport fishing on the Pacific side are: Pearls Islands, Coiba island and Piñas Bay. For inshore fishing we could spend days catching amazing tuna, snapper, wahoo, mackarel, amberjacks, seabass and roosterfish.

Panama City sits in the heart of the country and serves as the main artery through which the rest of Panama receives its visitors, commerce, and culture.

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